Our Services

To meet our clients' needs TrànslationWörks provides a portfolio of services.

The translation process

Each translation is individually and uniquely crafted to meet your needs. Perhaps you have a document in a foreign language and you simply want to know what it says - this is translated for internal purposes. Alternatively, you may need to have a document translated to make an impact. We ensure it does.  

Once translated, the document is then proofread to ensure that the style, terminology and tone are just like the original.

We also provide "transcreation" - a service which ensures the translation is adapted for the new culture.

And if you need a bit of help with crafting texts in English TrànslationWörks is here for you. We will sort out your hyphens and apostrophes and anything else that needs a bit of polish. 

Contact us to discuss your project, turnaround times and special requirements.

Frankfurt.JPGTranslated from German by Lisa Davey.

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