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Happy Easter

Visitors to these isles often have the impression that the British frequently discuss the weather. This is true to an extent. The weather here is very changeable with up to three seasons in a day sometimes thus providing a rich seam of conversation. The idea of talking about the weather for people from sunnier climes can be inconceivable and I agree. If the sun shines for 330 days a year, there are fewer phenomena to remark upon.

The media here has stopped talking about "the big freeze" (which usually lasts for two days) and is now talking about our 13-month winter. However, perhaps spring is really on its way for as I write this I can hear a wood pigeon cooing for the first time this year. Perhaps he can sense milder temperatures are on the way.

The spring-like image to wish TranslationWorks' readers a happy and joyous Easter has been kindly supplied by the very talented Sarah Williams. Enjoy the long weekend and I look forward to new linguistic challenges with clients and colleagues after the break. May our businesses blossom and grow!

©Sarah Williams Photoart 2013