Good English: punctuation

Well, this is certainly music to my ears!

I see from Jill Sommer's blog that our cousins on the other side of the Pond celebrated National Punctuation Day yesterday (24 September).  Perhaps we Brits should follow suit?

I would caution against following all that the Americans say on this subject because not only do they spell certain words differently from us they also punctuate differently in some cases. (I believe an American would have written the previous sentence using 'differently than'...) Nevertheless, National Punctuation Day sounds like an excellent idea for raising awareness of all those little marks such as ! ? , ' and " . I wonder what we should do to celebrate the day? Have a plate of cakes decorated with punctuation marks and the person providing the best explanation of usage eats the cake, perhaps?

A request has been made for a post on commas. These little marks can be pesky things to get right so a blog post is being drafted on the subject. But hold on to your hats. Before we get to commas we will be considering when to use 'they're' or is it 'there or even 'their'?

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