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Switzerland and the Olympics

Today is Switzerland's National Day.  The UK does not have a national day although we seem to be having a national year this year, 2012, with all the celebrations for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee and holding the 30th Olympic Games.

So what do Switzerland and the UK have in common? According to Diccon Bewes' blog's Swiss fact of the week, only two countries have competed at every single one of the modern Summer and Winter Olympic Games: Great Britain and Switzerland.

At the time of writing, Team GB has won 4 medals - 2 bronze and 2 silver. Switzerland has yet to win one - but the whole spirit of the Games is not the winning, but the taking part.

And it is not only athletes taking part in the Olympic Games. My friend, Gabriel, commentated on the Opening Ceremony for the Latin American Spanish-speaking audience and he's also commentating on his beloved football too! What a fabulous assignment. Congratulations, Gabriel!