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Rosa Luxemburg in Bath

It's always important for translators to keep up to date with the culture of the countries whose languages they translate. And not just with contemporary culture. History is also important because one never knows when some otherwise obscure reference to something or someone is going to be made in a text.  If one has at least an inkling of an idea as to where to start researching, this can save hours.

On May 4th, BRSLI is holding a lecture on the life of Rosa Luxemburg. This lady, who is widely known in Germany (lots of streets are named for her, for example) crosses the boundaries of a few cultures as she was born in Russian-controlled Poland in 1871 and eventually became a naturalised German citizen and was a political activist, feminist and writer.

More information about the lecture is available from BRSLI website.

Further information about her can be found on Wikipedia in English here or in German here.
Tickets to the talk are available from the Bath Box Office

Two German events

Last minute notice about two German-related events in Bath!

Tonight (19 April), Bath German Society is hosting a talk on Brecht als Lyriker. The speaker is Dr Hartmut Logemann, professor of Mathematics at Bath University. The venue is Manvers St Baptist Church Hall.  Doors open at 7.30 p.m. for coffee and German conversation, the lecture will start at 8.15 p.m.

My colleague, Cherry Shelton-Mills, has organised an event at the Bath Royal Scientific and Institution (BRSLI). It is open to professional translators working with German as one of their languages. More information and contact details are available here.