Training to be a translator/interpreter - advance planning

In these days of economic depression, the news bulletins are full of doom and gloom about the paucity of jobs available for school-leavers and new graduates. It seems to be more vital than ever to start thinking about your future career as early as you possibly can.

In my view, it is never a waste of time to explore lots of options. Obviously, eventually you will have to narrow down the search but by casting your net wide at the outset you will expose yourself to lots of opportunities that may not have otherwise occurred to you. If as a native speaker of English you also speak a foreign language or two, there are lots of opportunities. One seminar at this year's Language Show (to be held at Earl's Court, London from 15-17 October) is entitled: Shortage of linguists - the EU and the UN need you.

Judging from the rest of the programme of seminars which has just been released, there are plenty of options available to job-seekers who can offer languages as one of their main skills.  Presentations will be held on recruitment to the European Parliament, working at the European Court of Justice, GCHQ, the European Commission and working as a conference interpreter. There is also a seminar about voluntary roles using your languages at the Olympics to be held in London in 2012.

There are also seminars for teachers of languages, learners of English as a Foreign or Second Language and learners of foreign languages. All this information under one roof over the course of a weekend!



I'm an English to Chinese and sometimes a Chinese to English translator.

I've been googling for translation related blogs that are frequently upldated. I want to ready what they have to share about translaton in a personal way. Yours is one of the few I found. I reached your site via the blog of Serena Dorey who recently closed her translation business. I'm sad to see her leave the business. I wrote her an email months ago and it seemed to have gone unnoticed.

Could you please recommend me some good translation blogs written in English?

Hello, and thank you for your comments.
I agree it is a shame that Serena was obliged to close her translation business; I enjoyed reading her blog, too. I hope she is enjoying her new career.
I think there are lots of blogging translators - Philippa Hammond is one,, and Marian Dougan is another on
Have fun reading what they also have to say about translation!

Thanks a lot. I've found some very good translation blogs by checking the blogrolls!

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